Thursday, October 7, 2010

Race Day Information

- MEETING SPOT: Anyone running in the race should come find the ASDA table that will be set up near the carousel at 7:15AM. The shuttles that take relay runners to their starting points leave at 7:45, so we want to make sure we have enough time to gather, take some pictures, and sing a few rally cheers.

· Here’s a map of the Bushnell Park starting point: Map

· ASDA will have some coffee, water, and fruit for pre-race snacks if you’re interested. You can also leave any of your belongings here with non-running ASDA board members and spectators.

- TIMING: We suggest you leave Farmington around 6:45 if you already have your race-day packet (you can pick it up at the XL Center on Thursday or Friday), and 6:30 if you do not. There will be a lot of people heading into downtown Hartford on Saturday morning and we’re just not sure what the traffic situation will be.


· Your team captain can pick up everyone’s race-day packets together as long as they have a waiver signed from each member of your team as well as a copy of everyone’s IDs. This will save a lot of time if you get this paperwork to your captain before Thursday or Friday!

- Here’s a link to the waiver: Marathon Event Waiver

· Here are some details about transportation before/after your leg of the race:

- Leg 1 (10K): Starts at Bushnell park and you have to walk back 4 blocks when you’re done

- Leg 2 (5 mi): Walk to your starting point at the Old State House on Main St in downtown Hartford and continue 1 block EAST towards Founders Bridge. A bus leaving your finish line will be leaving at 9:45 and 10:15AM to return to Bushnell Park

- Leg 3 (5K): Get on bus designated “East Hartford” at 7:45AM. A bus leaving your finish line will leave at 11, 11:30, and 12 noon to return to Bushnell Park

- Leg 4 (10K): Get on bus designated “South Windsor” at 7:45AM. A bus leaving your finish line will leave at 11, 11:30, and 12 noon to return to Bushnell Park

- Leg 5 (5.7 mi): Get on bus designated “South Windsor” at 7:45AM. Your finish line is in Bushnell Park

- For more information, visit the website: Relay Shuttle Information

- PARKING: There are a number of garages in downtown Hartford that will be providing parking for the event. Here is the link to the list of available garages: Parking Information

- SPECTATORS: If you want to come watch the race, or have some family/friends who want to come cheer you on, be sure to check out the marathon’s Spectator Guide for the best viewing points.

- AFTER THE RACE: The Hartford Marathon Foundation is putting on quite an afternoon with events and food, but ASDA will also be there with bagels and other food for when you finish your race too. If you’re doing the 5K, half marathon, or are in a relay and not the last leg, come back to the ASDA table when you’re done. You can pick up your stuff and leave, or stick around to cheer at the finish line.

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